Objects Of Beauty

Objects Of Beauty

The New "Entwine" series is here! I am so excited to list these original paintings into my shop and hope they express my love for textures, colors and lots of yummy layers! This painting I created right around the holidays and this thought appeared to me so I painted it! 

"One-by-one twisted and tied were the ornaments she placed for the simple pleasure of beauty; not apologizing for their lack of usefulness. She gazes into each adornment peacefully enjoying this moment of joy.'

xo -Nicole Slater


This painting is signd in front as photographed on a gallery craddleboard. The overall size is 18 x 18" x 1 1/2" and is wired and ready to hang on the wall. All of the sides are painted in a metallic bronze.  


  • New Series of Paintings for 2018


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