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Your Art For Gift-Giving This Holiday Season.

I would like to help you create unique, one of a kind gifts for your friends and family This holiday season.

This is a nice opportunity to share your art. I am happy to help you create memorable gifts using your own art images. I am not offering this to make money’s just a nice gesture to help you out this holiday.

Gift items include; towels, handbags, phone cases, scarfs, notebooks, shower curtains. pillows, mugs and so on! Prices start 20.00 and up.

sample price list:

I am starting now, so we have time to start collecting and photographing art.

Please respond to me ASAP if you are interested. All orders will need to be payed up front and you will sign-off to confirm your orders are correct. Items vary on completion from one to two weeks ETA.

I look forward to your creations!!!


Nicole Slater

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