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You Have A Heart Of Gold!o

What a fantastic day!

I looked around the studio and enjoyed seeing everyone's happy faces! This was a day of celebration because we not only displayed our creative spirits to others, but we also sold our painted hearts to raise hope and aid the Astro Foundation in the rescue of our four-legged friends. We have raised more than $500.00! We still have some hearts available, so please share my social media posts to let others know they are still available before we surprise them with our Valentine's Day gift on February 14th! Thank you and congratulations to all of the artists who contributed to the Work of Art exhibition! I'll close by wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day and telling you how proud I am of you! I'd also like to thank the following people for their assistance in putting this show together: Phyllis Ashton, studio assistant AKA Super Woman, Krystal Kordazakis, art staging and photography extraordinaire, Huckaba wine donation, and Georgia Rodiris catering. Thank you very much!

If you had your photos taken by Krystal Kordazaki's Photography, you should have them soon! If you're looking for future photography bookings, here's a link to her website:

Gallery to order your images:

Catering by Georgia Rodiris

(209) 596-1636

Nicole Slater

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