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Summer In The Studio

With todays heat I am reminded that summer is officially here! Nature has perfect timing!

I want to share some fun summer ideas for creative fun while you are traveling or hanging around in your own backyard.

I linked some of these ideas and where to purchase them on Amazon to make it easy for you.

Have you ever done the Sun Prints?

Link to purchase:

How about having a picnic art lunch!? Pack up a basket full of art supplies, sandwich and refreshing drink! Lay down a blanket in the garden, on beach or in the middle of the woods. Sketch nature around you! Look at the leaves, shells, rocks and analyze their uniqueness. Investigate and make notes of their patterns, size, color, shape. Here is a link to my favorite sketchbook:

and maybe a photo or two to take home as another way to revisit your adventure.

Here is a video of artist,Anne Butera that inspired me to do the same

Another travel vacation idea is to bring a sketchbook with you and journal about your trip, draw different places and landmarks you saw, foods you ate such as that yummy ice cream or maybe a person you thought was fun to see like a grand parent or cousin. A pet or new friend from the garden is also fun to sketch. A journaled my Hawaii trip of all the botanicals, places and people I saw its still fabulous to look back on my trip today!

Or how about the Octopus Sketchbook available in my amazon shop list! Check it out!

Wishing you a wonderful July month and hope to see you at one of my adult or children workshops this summer too!

Cheers! -Nicole Slater

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