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New canvas, new year, new classes and new discoveries at the Artist's Loft 2023.

I'm so excited to share with our new phone app to make booking simple and right at our fingertips with quicker access to bookings, calendar view and reminders.

Starting the year more organized is feeling pretty good! How about you! Anything new you would like to learn about, try a new art medium? Please let me know as I enter new group workshop offerings and making art products purchases. I am also with addition to our phone app will be offering a code to see free art lesson titorials! friend and photographer are putting them together very soon! Make sure you are an Artists Loft subscriber to receive notices of these art lessons. Also we are teaming up with local pet rescue to raise money for their care and adoptions. In February you will be given a heart canvas to paint and then during our group art show February 10th thru the 13th these heart paintings will be offered for sale. The money raised will go to the shelter and it will feel nice to be a service to them.

The show will be for my students and ask you to bring up-to three of your favorite paintings. They can be for show or for sale. All money made will go direct to you, the Artist. I will send out official invite very soon. I will see you in 2023 and look forward to new beginnings and new art.

Love, Nicole Slater

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