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NEW Art Lessons this summer @THE ARTIST'S LOFT

This summer I wanted to work with my artists one-on-one and in person!

I have filled my days and months and it has been wonderful. I am thankful to have everyone back creating awesome art!

I also want to take a moment to welcome my new artists and families to the loft. You have already made my days joyful.

Welcome... I am happy to be a part of your art journey.

If you have questions please text @ 209-918-7600


  • Digital Art with Isabelle

  • Resin Casting with Linsey

  • Private Art Lessons with Hailey

  • See below .....

Please consider supporting these artists and The Artist Loft by booking a lesson today!

My lessons are filled, but this doesn't mean you can't continue to take great art classes at The Loft. We are now offering, "Digital Art with Isabelle" I use digital art myself everyday! It's an important skill for an artist to have in their toolbox. I use it in marketing, printing, art products and editing my artwork. *Please book your one hour instruction, see below link...


Another fun art offering is "Resin Casting With Linsey." This is great for ages 10 years-up

I love creating resin castings such as: trays, coasters, rings and more. They make great personal gifts and I use them in my home. Please book now to schedule your private one hour lesson.* see below link....


"Private Art Lessons with Hailey." Hailey will walk you through your private art lesson with tips, tricks and support of your art process and art goals. She is very skilled and you will enjoy her positive attitude.


Hello summer and welcome creativity!

Wishing you a wonderful summer, Nicole Slater

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