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May and Moms

Updated: May 8, 2022

Mom, Grandma and Mother figures:

You rock!

Taking your children to art classes, waiting while they explore, supporting passion to create and giving reassurance in their art. This shared experience is their joy and one they will always remember.


I have a few things I would like announce. One is all private lessons will continue throughout summer with some fun additions! Please reach out to me to organize times and days available. If you are planning a vacation and already know the days, please forward them to me via email:

A shout-out WELCOME to Rebecca Jo Schoppet! Our newest team member to the Artist Loft. She is an artist specializing in digital art and oil painting. Rebecca Jo will be my studio liaison between studio needs and social media.

This summer we are hosting "Lofty Summer Art Days" They will be every other week starting in June Monday-Friday from 9:30am-1:30pm pm and alternate weeks from 1:30pm-5:30pm; This is an opportunity to create under light guidance for 4 hours a day, One price: @$100.00 per person. You may also invite a friend to paint with you for same price. You may use as much or little time as you like with your four hour pre-payed seat. I recommend working on your own projects that excite you or we will provide art projects for that week you can follow independently.

***We recommend 10 years and up with a past beginner stage. Rebecca Jo or I will be facilitating light guidance on these days and still continue teaching on the same days individual art lessons as usual.

***Students will need to be self-guided, respectful of others artists' works. Materials used, space and all products used must be put away and cleaned stations at the end of each session. We want the best studio experience. .

If you are interested in participating please contact me below email ASAP space will be limited to the first 8 sign ups.

Also announcing; our Artists Loft Student Show this September. Please bring up to 3 pieces of art you would like to display. Selling is optional and I will need to know prior to the opening of the event for setting up. Music, food , drinks and participation certificates will be awarded and an Artist Loft tee!

Please paint for event or past work is great too!

When I have the date and time finalized I will send out the announcement.

If anyone would like to add digital art classes to their art journey please notify me to plan classes with our specialized instructor.

We now have a Dedicated stamp-card! For each one hour individual art session you will receive a stamped in circle. Once card is filled, you will receive a $10.00 gift card to yogurt mill this summer. Or two cards saved-up gets you an artist.s loft tee.

Wising you all a joyful, creative and healthy summer!

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