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Group Show Thank You!

The “Atelier Group Show” was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet new people and show the art we have been creating throughout the year.

Thank you for attending....we enjoyed the beautiful weekend with gratitude! Taking time out of your days to view and support our art Is special. We had an array of styles and noticed that people were pleased to see the variety. Our art reflects our personalities and that allowed us to connect to each individual attending in our own unique style!

We had two artists sell out and everyone sold a lot of art! Our hearts are full and we are back in “The Artist’s Loft”, creating and exploring new series and subjects to share with you in the near future. We loved having you and look forward to our next show. Please subscribe to for an invite to our next showing. With Love, Sarah Aaronson, James Horning, Vicki-Van Dallas, Erin Sweeney, Heidi Kinsey, art assistant: Phyllis Ashton and Nicole Slater

The Atelier Group- The Artist’s in Residence

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