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Art Show and Seasonal Change

Today in the high 80 degree weather I was placing pumpkins around the house and thought about a silly sweater I love to wear during this time of year, however I am not sure Mr. pumpkin face sweater will be coming out of the storage bin This year! Along with crazy weather; I have been crazy-busy with the upcoming art show called “The Atelier Show” It takes place on October 31st and November 1st. Hours are from 11-4pm and hope you will “sign up to stop in“

Here is link to sign in for your day and time, as we are keeping everyone safe with small viewings throughout the day.

I look forward to seeing friends and family

Here is invite copy:

You’re invited!! Six Atelier Art friends are having have an art show in the garden and would love to have you join us!

I have included several pages on this post with information you can swipe through to learn more about this outdoor event.

💙Art is special in our lives and we have worked all year to express ourselves through our art mediums and would like to share them with our friends and family. This event is a timed event, limited viewers by the hour, masks required, all art is outdoors, acoustic guitar music and assisted help to wipe down clean after each hourly visit.

If you live near Modesto CA and would like to stop in please look up a availability at for a free timed visit ticket. This means so much to us all!

@eringaylordsweeney @nicoleslaterart @sarahsunshine209 @horning.james @vickivandallas @horning.james @heidikinzieart

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